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"They do not use sources of Gipsy music - they are the source itself" (Songlines)

Formed more than 20 years ago, Parno Graszt began to compose unreleased songs mixing music from Balkans, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Spain with a Gypsy attitude creating a new style. ​ 


Upbeat guitars, 4/4 persistent beats, and Balkans melodies are the ingredients for an euphoric and energetic show, which entertains and unites people of all ages. Parno Graszt sings their song in Romani and Hungarian language. ​ 


Every concert is an explosion of sound, colour, and joy. It seems that the audience becomes part of the show. The songs, dances, and language have transmitted the soul of the white horse (Parno Graszt) and gypsy folk.


They do not use sources of Gipsy music - they are the source itself. - Simon Broughton, Songlines, UK


One of the best gypsy bands I've seen in a long time. - Jan Fairly, The Scotsman, UK


This Hungarian gypsy troupe certainly knows how to turn a gig into a party. - Rob Adams, The Herald, UK


Parno Graszt was a complete discovery for the Estonians who were jumping all around at the rhythm of the music. Even the band was amazed by such a warm Baltic atmosphere. - Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Estonia


Parno Graszt totally shook the city and people will be talking about it for quite a while. - Boyan Bogadiyev, Lotus Festival, Bloomington, IN


I had heard Parno Graszt on record, but they rocked my world live! - Jordan Peimer, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA


The authenticity and energy of this Roma group was so vividly apparent in their vibrant, high-energy performance. I loved how they kept on singing out in the crowd after they'd finished their set and the stage was being cleared - a great moment of spontaneity not often seen in the WOMEX showcases. - Cheryl McEnaney, Real World Records, UK


Jozsef Olah: vocals, guitar, tambura

Viktor Olah: vocals, guitar, dance

Krisztian Olah (Erike): vocals, accordion  

Sandor Horvath: vocals, spoons, dance

Janos Jakocska: vocals, guitar

Helena Olah: vocals, dance

Maria Balogh: vocals, dance

Janos Olah: double bass

Istvan Nemeth (Breki): milk jug, oral bass (=scat / beatbox)


Jennifer Szirota: vocal

Toni Szilagyi: fiddle

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